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SCS Interiors’ Commercial Upholstery and Sewing

SCS Interiors’ provides upholstery services to many commercial settings. We specialize in high volume upholstery services so we are ready to give your waiting room a new look! We also work with hospitals, medical clinics, restaurants, hotels, club settings, offices, malls, and similar businesses to upholster furniture, desk chairs, modular panels, and similar items in the respective settings. Located in Duluth, MN, SCS Interiors also provides free pick-up and delivery in our business area.

Commercial sewing services are available at SCS Interiors as well. We often sew parts together for larger products, or we can sew the entire product. A new service that we offer is binding of rugs. If you have installed new carpet and want to have the edge on smaller remnants finished, we can do that for you. Similarly, we can finish any room-size piece of carpet.

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