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Carpet and Vinyl Floor Installation Instructions from SCS Interiors

Tips and Tricks to Consider before Installation:

  • Keep your old floor kit until your new one is fully installed!
  • We recommend removing all existing Velcro and starting fresh
  • Scuff bottom of vinyl (if applicable) with a Scotch Brite Pad to allow better adhesion
  • Use as much Velcro as you need/want - we send a generous amount, so there may be extra 
  • When adhering peel & stick Velcro to:
    • Carpet - spray Trim Adhesive glue in approximate area, to get the best adhesion, to the back of the  flooring and to the airframe 
    • Vinyl - scuff and wipe with rubbing alcohol 

Step 1:  Prep Parts & Surface

  1. Remove existing aircraft flooring and thoroughly clean the surface. Wipe down with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Lay out new floor kit and inspect contents. Pieces should lie flat for at least 24 hours 

    Step 2: Velcro Install

    If you are starting fresh without any Velcro on the airframe:

    1. With flooring back facing up, draw your desired location for the Velcro 
    2. On the carpet or Ensolite, spray Trim Adhesive* on the area for Velcro 
    3. For Vinyl, prepare the surface with rubbing alcohol. 
    4. Stick the hook side of the Velcro to the back of your flooring 
    5. Apply the loop to the hook

    If you kept the existing Velcro on the airframe:

    1. Place the new opposing piece of Velcro to what is on the floor 
    2. Dry fit - place the new carpet/vinyl in position 
    3. Mark approximate location with pen, apply Trim Adhesive* 
    4. Roll back 1/2 of the new flooring and peel the tape off the Velcro and affix to the back of the carpet/vinyl

    Step 3: Flooring Install

    1. Once flooring parts are dry fit in the plane to your satisfaction, place a heavy weight in the middle to keep the piece still 
    2. Roll back half of the flooring piece 
    3. Spray Trim adhesive and allow glue to get tacky 
    4. Remove peel and stick strip and secure in place 
    5. Alternate to the other half of the piece 
    6. Wait 24 hours for finished bond of glue & Velcro. 

    Ensolite Installation

    Important! Must Read:

    • Whatever you do, for our sake and yours, do NOT glue the Ensolite to the aircraft floor.
    • If you have Ensolite, the Velcro will attach to the Ensolite, NOT the carpet or vinyl.

    Installation Process

    1. Ensolite should be secured to the back of your carpet or vinyl kit. It should NOT be stuck directly to the floor of your aircraft. 
    2. Use the general installation instructions to secure the Ensolite and flooring kit down. 
    3. Some pieces of the floor kit will not include Ensolite backing. This is normal. 
    4. Allow the glue to get tacky before securing, by waiting a few minutes after spraying. This will ensure the best adhesion.

    Adhesive to Secure the Ensolite to the Floor kit

    • We recommend using a 3M Trim Adhesive to install your replacement carpet or flooring kit. 
    • There are many types available; a few options include: 
      • 3M #08088 | General Trim 
      • 3M #38808 | Headliner & Fabric 
      • 3M #94 | High Strength 

    Recommended Glue Amounts per size of Aircraft: 

    • 1 can for a standard aircraft (2-4 seats)
    • 2 cans for a larger aircraft (4+ seats)

    *Please refer to the products instructions and specifications for proper use

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding the installation process, please feel free to contact us at 218-728-1614 or info@scs-interiors.com