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Before You Order

Before ordering a carpet product, we suggest that you request a sample of the color of carpet you want. We want to be sure it is exactly what you want and meets your style, comfort, & security.

Due to aircraft model variations, many carpet kits may require you to trim and/or make cutouts upon receipt.

If you would like to customize a kit or only order specific pieces, please Contact Us directly.

Just For You

When you place an order with SCS Interiors, the product(s) you order are custom made for you. Our goal is to ship your order within thirty (30) days.

If you don’t find what you need, please Contact Us and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Carpet and Vinyl Floor Installation Instructions from SCS Interiors


We are pleased to provide you with the custom-made carpet or vinyl floor kit that you ordered from SCS Interiors. Your carpet material meets FAA Burn Certification requirements. With the proper care, it will provide you with many hours of service. The following steps should assist you with the proper installation of your carpet.


  1. Upon receipt of your new carpet or vinyl kit, open the package and lay the flooring out flat on the floor so any roundness from shipping can smooth out.
  2. Find the hook and loop (velcro) fastener material that is enclosed with your kit for installation. NOTE: The soft cloth attached to the Velcro hook on the carpet is not for use in the aircraft – it is just for protection of the carpet.
  3. Be sure the floor of your aircraft has been thoroughly cleaned of all loose material and dirt to assure proper adhesion of the new kit. Vacuum if necessary. Wipe the surface with rubbing alcohol.


If you ordered Ensolite (a noise reduction material), with your carpet kit:

  1. Lay the Ensolite in the aircraft and trim around all obstructions leaving aquarter inch (.25”) allowance on the cutting edge.
  3. Lay the carpet/vinyl upside down on the hangar floor and stick the Ensolite to the back of the carpet/vinyl. PEEL BACK just enough paper to stick in small sections. 


  • Find the hook and loop (Velcro) enclosed with your flooring kit. TIP: Stick the hook side to the flooring in the approximate locations of the previous hook and loop (velcro). (If you put the hook side on the aircraft floor, it can eat into the carpet/vinyl.) Apply the loop to the hook on the carpet/vinyl and do not peel the release tape until properly positioned in the plane. Once in position, roll back the carpet/vinyl, peel the tape, and fit. Perfect position every time! (See next step for existing placements.)


 If you have the previous hook and loop (velcro) on the floor of your plane, cut the new hook or loop (velcro) to fit the prior placements. In this case, you will have to:

  1. place the opposing piece to what is on the floor on top of the existing piece,
  2. place the carpet in position,
  3. then roll back the carpet/vinyl, peel the top hook or loop (velcro) and affix to the back of the carpet/vinyl. [TIP: For carpet, spray glue in approximate area to get excellent adhesion. For vinyl, prepare the vinyl with alcohol –not glue –to get excellent adhesion.]

To install hook and loop (Velcro) to your carpet: 

Carpet and Vinyl Floor installation instructions