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SCS Interiors’ quality products are made with state-of-the art technology and equipment. The processes we utilize are available to customers who may have a need for functions such as:

If you are seeking a unique design, we can assist you in creating your design with a focus on aesthetics, cost savings, and durability. Within our product lines, SCS Interiors can define and refine customer needs into full-scale prototypes which give a dimensional, detailed outline of all parts and materials.

Prototyping ensures proper form, fit, and function in the design. Once approved, comprehensive plan sets are developed, including current revisions. During this process we are able to define the best manufacturing and assembly methods to maximize productivity.

Production efficiency is also achieved through the use of our high-speed Gerber automated cutter and our commercial sewing machines. We maximize material usage and minimize cut time for your project. With our large spectrum of foam shapes and densities, we can provide the foam fabrication for your project and develop the necessary specifications for production. Special gifts and/or accessories can have your company logo, family crest, or any artwork embossed or embroidered on them to add that special touch that makes a company gift memorable. Objects may also be labeled through our heat transfer press which utilizes a variety of stamping methods on flat or contoured parts.

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DESIGN: Customer needs are defined and refined into full-scale prototypes. Hand tailored patterns are then merged into CAD software so that precision cutting can be employed to ensure form, fit and function in the design.


PROTOTYPE: The prototype phase allows the best assembly methods to be developed and material selections refined.

FOAM FABRICATION: SCS Interiors' in-house foam fabrication ability allows us to create a wide array of foam shapes, sizes, and densities with the utmost flexibility in engineering and design. The SCS design team can create a foam kit from a bare seat frame, Photoshop image, or CAD drawing.

HIGH SPEED PRECISION CUTTING: We couple Gerber’s DCS 2500 automated cutter with Cal Comp digitized to maximize material usage and minimize cut times.

Custom Industrial Sewing

CONTRACT SEWING: We do industrial sewing, using Juki’s model 2210, which has increased efficiency by 30%.

EMBOSSING / DEBOSSING: Leather has its own richness and natural beauty that can be embossed with your company logos, family crests, or any artwork. SCS can emboss a single application custom interior or mass produce in volume.

EMBROIDERY: Unique designs, logos, and artwork can be embroidered on a fabric of your choice.

Product Labeling

PRODUCT LABELING: The Hastings hydraulic press can apply heat transfer labels on products as well as cut through multiple layers with cold rule steel dies.

Rug Binding: SCS Interiors can bind a rug of any size with yarn binding. You have a choice of many colors.