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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions and Answers


Q: Where are you located? 

A: SCS Interiors is located in Duluth, Minnesota. We are less than two miles from the Duluth International Airport, but we are unable to bring your plane into our shop.


Q: What is your lead time?

A: Our standard lead time is 30 days for a pre-cut kit and 3 business days for raw material. The lead time may change with current workload or complexity of the order. Due to the variations in style, pieces and colors, all of our carpet and vinyl kits are cut per order.


Q: Do you ship to Alaska?

A: Yes! Our website often gives an error message stating that an Alaskan address is not valid. If this is the case with your order, please feel free to give us a call and place the order via phone. 218-728-1614


Q: Can I pay extra to expedite my order?

A: Due to our heavy workload, and the amount of customer’s that request this - we are unable to offer expediting.


Q: Why are my international shipping charges so expensive?

A: Our Shopify site uses a formula based on product size, weight, and shipping address. Sometimes, these charges exceed the actual shipping cost. If that is the case, we refund you for the difference on the date your order ships. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please feel free to contact us.

Aircraft Questions and Answers

Q: What is the difference between a carpet kit and a floor mat set?

A: A carpet kit replaces the current carpet secured to your aircraft floor. A floor mat set lies on top of your current carpet, like in a vehicle, to protect your carpet from wear and tear.

Q: What are heel pads?

A: Heel pads are square/rectangular pieces made from our vinyl flooring material, which get sewn on to the carpet or vinyl near the rudder pedals to help with wear and tear. These come standard on majority of our carpet kits, but are add-on options for vinyl and floor mat sets.


Q: What is binding?

A: Binding is the finished edge on carpet and vinyl kits. Depending on carpet type, and our pattern, it can be cloth binding, a serged yarn edge, or a combination of both. You have the option to add binding on vinyl kits, however, this is only offered in black and is only for looks.


Q: What is the difference between the three carpet types?

A: We recommend getting free samples for you to see & feel them in person. That being said, Featherweight is an extremely lightweight carpet, comparable to carpet you find in a vehicle. It is the standard carpet used in Cirrus aircraft SR models. Nylon has a straight cut-pile, with a single-color tone and a stiff backing. Wool is our plusher option, with a looped cut-pile, and two-toned color scheme.

Q: How do you secure floor mats down to keep them from sliding?

A: We send each floor mat order with a free set carpet clips. They are designed to clamp on to the edge of the floor mat nearest your feet, and pin into the carpet underneath. If you click the carpet clip link, there is a great tutorial video on how to use them!


Q: What is the benefit of Ensolite foam backing, and where does it get applied?

A: Our ¼” closed cell Ensolite foam backing helps with moisture, thermal heat loss, vibration, and sound reduction! If you choose to add the Ensolite kit, it will be cut to match your carpet or vinyl pieces with a 1/2” decrease in size along each edge to allow the flooring to lay flat. We provide Ensolite for certain floor pieces, typically only the larger sections, as some places are not necessary. This Ensolite is not for use on side panels or glare shields.


Q: What kind of documentation do you provide for my logbooks?

A: All packing lists come with a COC statement reading that the material used for your order meets FAR 23.853. If you need a copy of the Official Burn Certificate showing the material passed the burn testing, it is an additional charge and can be added to any order. We are not a certified FAA repair station or an EASA Part 145, so we cannot provide FAA 8130-3 or EASA Part 145 documentation.


Q: Does SCS set snaps in flooring kits?

A: No. We have had instances with setting snaps, where they did not line up properly due to variations in current locations. We do sell different tools to set the snaps on site once you receive your kit. All of our flooring kits are sent with a peel-and-stick adhesive backed, hook-and-loop Velcro, which we recommend using in place of snaps.

Q: Do you provide plastic interior components for aircraft models?

A: No.  Check out Vantage Plane Plastics.

Q: What are side panels?

A: Our side panels are carpet material only, and usually require some trimming on site for the perfect fit. Once trimmed, if required, they get adhered to your pre-existing substrates. Depending on your make/model, certain side panels come with a finished edge, and pockets. We do not replace side panels in fabric, vinyl, plastic, or any other material.

Q: Do you upholster aircraft headliners?

A: No. 


Q: Can I get my aircraft seats upholstered?

A: We specialize in aviation upholstery for Cirrus Aircraft. If you have a Cirrus, you can request more information here. For all other makes/models of aircraft, we recommend finding a local upholstery shop to work with on your interior.

Q: Do you offer sheepskin seat covers?

A: No, check out Covercraft Industries or Sporty’s Pilot Shop!


Q: Can I get a custom logo embroidered on my floor mat set?

A: We typically only offer embroidery of registration numbers, or premium logos that are posted on specific products because those are standard files for our CAD department. A custom logo can be embroidered, but you would need to provide us with the artwork. We would send the artwork off to a company to digitize into a file that is compatible with our machines. This process increases cost and lead time of the floor mat order.


Q: What do you recommend to use to clean my leather seat covers?

A: Sprayway Leather Vinyl & Leather Cleaner or Perrone Aerospace Leather Cleaner with Conditioner.




Other Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Can I get my vehicle, ATV, RV, snowmobile, or other all terrain vehicle seat upholstered?

A: No, we are only doing seat upholstery for Cirrus Aircraft at this time. 

Q: What interior work do you provide for vehicles?

A: We are not offering interior work on any make or model of vehicle at this time.


Q: Do you upholster household furniture?

A: No, check out Ivan’s Upholstery (218-290-3273) or J Carlson Upholstery (218-624-5080)!

Q: Do you do convertible tops?

A: No, check out Ivan’s Upholstery (218-290-3273)!

Q: Do you do boat covers?

A: No, check out North County Canvas & Upholstery, Big B’s Boat Canvas (218-940-8989), Snow Bird Willies Boat Canvas (218-940-1921) or Barker’s Island Marina (715-392-7131)!

Q: Do you install Katzkin seat covers?

A: No, check out Auto Audio!