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Before You Order

Before ordering a carpet product, we suggest that you please request a sample of the color of carpet you want. We want to be sure it is exactly what you want. Also please note that due to aircraft model variations, some carpet kits may require you to trim and/or make cutouts upon receipt.

Just For You

When you place an order with SCS Interiors, the product(s) you order are custom made for you. Our goal is to ship your order within thirty (30) days.

If you don’t find what you need, please Contact Us and we’ll be glad to assist you.


Making a dream or an idea a reality is the purpose of the Prototype process. After discussing and completing the design of your project, SCS Interiors will make a sample -or prototype- for you of the finished product so you can see if it’s what you had envisioned. For example, you have decided to cover a room divider with fabric but you aren’t quite sure if the style of divider and fabric selection will look right in the appointed space. Or you are placing new chairs in a waiting area and want to see how the fabric you selected for re-upholstery will look with the surrounding area. You can take the prototype of your project and put it in the appointed space to assist you in making your final determinations. Contact Us to help make your idea become a reality!

SCS Interiors welcomes requests for custom quotes or any other questions / inquiries you may have.

We are open from 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM (CST/CDT) Monday through Thursday; from 8:00 AM – Noon on Fridays. We may be contacted at:

SCS Interiors, 3814 Prosperity Road, Duluth, Minnesota 55811
Telephone: 218-728-1614
Fax: 218-728-2674

For an accurate quote and/or answer to your question(s), please fill in the form below. Describe your project in detail. We will contact you if additional information is necessary.