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High Speed Precision Cutting

Automated Cutting | Superior Results 

SCS Interiors has three Gerber cutting tables, including a Taurus II and DCS 2500 automated cutter, plus a Zund G3 3XL Cutting table with the Laser module.

Using digitized patterns, we can rapidly cut numerous leather or fabric pieces, drastically reducing your labor times and maximizing the use of the material. Digitized patterns assure that every little cut-out or indention in the pattern is precisely cut to your specifications. Hand cut pieces can vary widely and lead to poorly sewn finished goods.

For textiles, using a laser cutter automatically seals the edge, eliminating the need to serge parts and increasing quality and longevity. 

In addition, pattern changes can be easily made with CAD files rather than having to create a new –and expensive -hard template.

At SCS Interiors, we know that professional grade results start with precision cut pieces.