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SCS Interiors’ Aircraft Carpet Extras

SCS Interiors provides high quality carpet kits and floor mats as well as vinyl floor kits for the aircraft models listed on our web page.  It is our goal that every pilot receives a custom-fit carpet for their plane and that carpet comes with several quality features.

All of our aircraft carpet kits have binding options. Some pilots may prefer not to have binding done depending on the cut of their carpet and the manner in which it is installed. If binding is added to the carpet, the pilot has the choice of multiple colors for the binding. In addition, many aircraft carpets have heel pads affixed to the carpet to give that area of the carpet more durability.

If a pilot is ordering floor mats, there are additional options for embroidery which may be selected at the time of an order. A common item embroidered is the Registration Number for the pilot. Some of the other floor mats offer an embroidered logo design. If the latter is available, it will be shown with the product on the SCS Interiors’ web site.

Another “extra” that is available is a layer of insulation which may be added to aircraft carpet kits or vinyl flooring kits. SCS Interiors offers Ensolite underlayment which can help reduce noise and vibration in the airplane. It may be ordered at the same time the carpet or vinyl kit is ordered and provides a quieter ride.

Upon receipt of the aircraft carpet kit, floor mats, or vinyl flooring kit, the customer will find that SCS Interiors has included Velcro or clips for installation where needed. Instructions for installing the products will also be included. We take pride in completing each order so that every customer receives exactly what they wanted and that it fits perfectly.