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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What type of aircraft products do you have?
A. SCS Aircraft Interiors has made products for Cessna, Cirrus, Diamond, Eclipse, and Piper aircraft.
We are expanding our product lines frequently. Contact Us about your project.
Q. How long does it take to make a carpet kit for my plane?
A. A carpet kit is shipped to a customer within thirty (30) days.
Q. If I order a customized item for my plane, how long do I have to wait before I get it?
A. The length of time to fill an order depends on several variables but we can give you an accurate idea of how long it will take to fill the order when you Contact Us and describe what you are seeking.
Q. Where are you located? Can I bring my plane into your shop?
A. SCS Interiors is located in Duluth, Minnesota. We are less than two miles from the Duluth International Airport, but we are unable to bring your plane into our shop.


Q. What kind of materials do you use in your upholstery work?
A. SCS has a full line of samples at our home office location.
Q. What are your “Specialty” items?
A. “Specialty” items are unique items/gifts related to the main products and/or services we provide. If you are looking for a special gift, check out our “Specialty” section.
Q. Do you do customized work on furniture?
A. We specialize in high volume upholstery such as auditorium seats, customer waiting areas, restaurants, and the like.


Q. Do you sell convertible tops?
A. Yes and we install them, too.
Q. I have a tear in my leather upholstery in my car. Can you fix it?
A. We can replace the section of your leather upholstery that has a tear or burn in it.
Q. Do you upholster recreational vehicles (Motorcycles, and ATVs)?
A. Take away the frustration of trying to install a factory or aftermarket cover with that hand stapler. SCS can usually install the cover in 15-20 minutes and often on the same day you Contact Us. We can also make custom covers.
Q. Can you re-upholster our auditorium seats when we are located several states away from you?
A. We can re-upholster auditorium seats, conference seating, skating arenas, theater seats, and similar seating if they can be shipped to us.
Q. How much does it cost to have a car re-upholstered?
A. Every car is different and the materials chosen affect the final cost. Contact Us for an individualized quote.


Q. What is embossing?
A. This is the process of applying heat and pressure to leather that will result in a raised image on the surface of the leather.
Q. What is debossing?
A. This is the process of applying heat and pressure to leather that will result in a flat image on the surface of the leather.
Q. What kind of fabric can be embossed?
A. Leather is the material that is embossed. Other fabrics/materials can be decorated through embroidery.
Q. Can you upholster built-in benches at our restaurant?
A. Yes we can! Just Contact Us with the specific needs you have and we will be glad to work with you.
Q. Can I order customized floor mats for my car?
A. Yes, we can make customized floor mats for cars. Just Contact Us with the specifics of your order.