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1/4 Inch Closed-Cell Ensolite Foam

Ensolite Foam (Uncut/Raw Material)


Ensolite foam is a closed-cell foam, which reduces the potential of moisture build up. This is especially important in aircraft, where moisture build up can lead to mold and corrosion of parts. Ensolite foam also offers insulating properties that help reduce noise, vibration, and thermal heat loss. It is lightweight and can be fashioned into any dimension with a utility knife.

Ensolite foam offers many positive attributes specific to aircraft applications and meets the FAA 25.853 Vertical Burn regulation.

We recommend using a 3M Trim adhesive to install the Ensolite. There are many types available; a few options include:
3M #08088| General Trim Adhesive
3M #38808| Headliner & Fabric
3M #94| High Strength

PLEASE NOTE: The max amount you can order is 18 feet of material. 

Current lead time is 3-4 weeks due to backordered material

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