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Mooney M20C Ranger Pre-Cut Carpet Kit (1969)

Mooney M20C Ranger-1969 Flooring Kit

SKU: 100257

Add a beautiful new upgrade to your Mooney M20C Ranger aircraft (1969 model) with a new carpet, available in three types of carpet and many colors. The carpet includes integrated vinyl heel pads under the rudder pedals. You may also want to obtain the 1/4 inch Ensolite foam backing, which helps reduce the noise and vibration in your plane. This product fits aircraft made in 1969. The material meets FAA Burn Certification requirements. [-257]

PLEASE NOTE: Our patterns do not have the fuel selector hole cut out due to variation in locations in Mooney aircraft. It is recommended you cut the hole by finding the fuel selector; make a circle around the location; start with a point in the middle of the circle, and cut to the outside edge of the circle as if you are cutting a pie. Fold the cut pieces underneath the circle when installing the kit correctly.

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