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Cirrus SR Seat Cover Installation Instructions

for conversion to Bolster Foam Kits

Getting Started

    • Tools you will need:
      • We recommend using 3M Auto General Trim Adhesive
      • Seam Flipper
      • Steamer
    • Timeline:
      • It will take about an hour per seat for install from start to finish

Front Seat Preparation

  • Remove old upholstery until you are down to the bare frame
  • Pull Ceconite jacket over the frame
  • Glue foam to Ceconite

Seat Frame 1 Ceconite Jacket Frame with Foam

Rear Seat Base Preparation

  • Remove front blue strip of foam
  • Glue on new blue & white pieces as shown

Rear Base 1 Rear Base 2

Rear Seat Back Preparation

  • Attach 2 new pieces of HR bolster foam to achieve configuration shown
  • Measure 6 inches down from top and glue them on

Rear Back 1 Rear Back 2

Seat Cover Installation

  • Start with all seat covers inside out
  • Pull the cover over the top 1/3 of the seat and then pull seat belts through the opening.
  • Spray glue on the seat cover now (see next slide). Wait for glue to become tacky (approx. 5 minutes)
  • Roll cover down. Do not press it in place until it is properly aligned at the bottom (see picture on slide 7).
  • Once aligned, press down, working from top to bottom.
  • Spray glue directly on the foam in the areas shown. Do not get glue on the bolsters
  • Spray glue on the seat cover ONLY on the sewing line pleats/seams and not in between
  • Roll down the cover over the foam and align the cover seam to the edge of the pink foam
  • After aligning and confirming it is straight, start pressing the glue surfaces together.
  • Press on each pleat
  • Zip cover & tuck in the zipper
  • Repeat process on all seats

Cover w/ Glue Glue on Pleats Align at the Edge Press on Pleats Zip Tuck

Headrest Install

  • Modify the headrest to match
  • Place the foam inside the headrest
  • Put headrest on the seat
  • Pull the strap through the posts
  • Attach to the Velcro

Headrest 1 Headrest 2 Headrest 3 Headrest 4 Headrest Final

Tricks of the Trade

  • Push/pull to make tweaks to the fit of the seat cover
  • Flip sewing seams to desired direction for aesthetics
  • Steam out wrinkles 

Seam Flipper