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Commercial UpholsteryCommercial Upholstery
Commercial Upholstery
Commercial Upholstery

Commercial Upholstery

SCS Interiors can help you keep your commercial seating areas fresh and clean without having the high cost of purchasing all new specialty chairs and booths. Frequent use of seating in movie theaters, restaurants, malls, customer waiting areas, lecture halls, medical and dental clinics, auditoriums, convention centers, and similar facilities means that the upholstery may be damaged beyond repair and yet the furniture structure is sound. Reupholstering provides a cost-effective way to develop a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for all of your patrons without breaking your budget.

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What kind of fabric do you use in your upholstery work?
SCS has a full line of samples at our home office location.
Do you do customized work on furniture?
We specialize in high volume upholstery such as auditorium seats, customer waiting areas, restaurants, and the like.
Can you re-upholster our auditorium seats when we are located several states away from you?
We can re-upholster auditorium seats, conference seating, skating arenas, theater seats, and similar seating if they can be shipped to us.
Can you upholster built-in benches at our restaurant?
Yes we can! Just Contact Us with the specific needs you have and we will be glad to work with you.
Is SCS Interiors able to meet specification requirements for foam and fabric coverings for Durable Medical Equipment (DMEs)?
Yes, SCS is able to procure any raw material or roll stock for your production and manufacturing needs and meet your (or our) design specifications.