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SCS Interiors’ Aircraft Carpet

You finally own the plane of your dreams! But, it’s a bit rough and needs some renovation.You’re considering a new coat of paint and an updating of some of the interior elements. Your carpet really needs to be replaced and you want a new color to match the updated exterior décor! You search the web for a custom fit carpet so that you can take out the old and easily put in the new one. Up pops SCS Interiors! You go to the product page for your airplane – and the model of carpet you need is not there. What do you do?

You call us-218-728-1614- and we will make a custom-fit carpet for your plane. You will be a part of the process by providing your old aircraft carpet for us to use as a template or by making a template to send to us. There is a red rosin paper available from hardware stores which is inexpensive and sturdy enough to use to trace your floor outline for the template. In addition, you will select the color of carpet you want as well as the color of the binding, decide if you want to add insulation for a quieter ride, and you might even want to consider getting floor mats with your Registration Number embroidered on them. What a great new look to upgrade your plane!

But wait – there’s more! Maybe you are going to use your airplane for travel to your favorite hunting or fishing camp. A new carpet could be worn out quickly when wet boots, dripping fish, bait, or similar items come aboard. How about vinyl flooring for your plane? We have a choice of five colors of vinyl and the flooring can be cut to a custom fit for your plane – just like the carpet process above. You can also add the insulation with this custom-fit flooring to enjoy noise and vibration reduction.

Whichever product you select – carpet or vinyl flooring – you will be very pleased with the high quality materials SCS Interiors offers. All materials meet FAA Burn Certification requirements.We know you will love the new look!

Customer Testimonials

Just wanted to say thanks for the great work in getting a carpet kit for my Cessna 182D with a Selkirk interior completed. You guys were awesome to work with, and the carpet fits perfectly! ~Chris L.

I have received the carpet in Oshkosh on time. I am very happy with the quality and I will definitely recommend you to my pilot friends. Your customer service is fantastic! Thanks from a happy customer in Munich, Germany. Thomas

Impeccable service… Great to deal with an obviously professional company. I am an extremely happy customer and would be definitely doing business with you again and will be highly recommending you to my fellow pilots here at my club. David

I bought a floor mat and the quality was terrific. It’s difficult to know your quality via the website. The floor mat is a secret weapon. Shocking how it awakens a midlife interior into something fresh. It completely covers the most worn portion of the existing carpet. David

We received the floor mat today, and we are thrilled! Thank you and your team for fixing this for us so quickly. It is in better shape than before the tear. You exemplify customer service, and we are proud to have your product in our airplane. Thank you again! Cory

Hi Mike, Just wanted to follow up regarding the interior. It looks fantastic! If any prospective customers would like a reference, feel free to have them contact me. It was an absolute pleasure working with you! Thanks, Tom

Your firm is focused on producing a top quality product that meets or exceeds the customer's expectations. SCS keeps in personal contact with the customer to make sure that the customer is absolutely getting what they want. -Mike

I’ve got to be honest with you Mike, that embroidery and the blue thread you picked looks FANTASTIC!!! WOW! You guys did a great job. –Steve

Thank you, both so much for the beautiful job you did installing the new headliner in my 1967 Buick Skylark. We already showed it off at a car show and had inquiries as to who installed it. Also, thank you for replacing the rear, passenger interior light lens. That was a very pleasant surprise. It meant a lot to me that you took the time and expense to do that, and you wouldn’t charge me for it. –Kathy

Mike is very responsive as we had a couple of suggestions which he incorporated within 24 hours and had our covers back to us overnight. I hope he sells a ton of them because he deserves the business. –Tom

Just thought I would let you know we picked up our Eclipse yesterday and installed the carpet runner and seat covers! Super job! They are all perfect and love the way the 4 seat configuration turned out. -Shari

… Just to say thanks for my floor mats for my PA28 Archers –they all fit perfectly and look great! –Derick

The mats are installed and look great, fit is perfect. … I flew some passengers last week who commented on how great they look. –Tom

received the carpet for the Matrix. …they are great and fit perfectly -Carlos

...and just to let everyone know, you can't go wrong with SCS Interiors. I know several of us have their mats and have been really happy. I had some problems developing on the border of one of the wing mats and a tear from the grips on the passenger side front mat. I sent them both back to SCS when the plane was in for annual, and they were back and completely restored way before the plane was done. And the work was done at no cost, which in today's world is unheard of. The quality is great, the customer service is even better. I can't think of another investment that has done so much to help keep my wings and interior looking brand new. -Steve M.

…the floor mats arrived, and I gave them to Jason last week. He was very pleased with the finished product. I appreciate all of your hard work and efforts to get the logo worked out with him. –Marcia

Just wanted to let you know that the front and rear mats fit perfectly for my Arrow. Thanks again for your great service. -Cary